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It is with great love for people, our city and this nation that we chose to fight this fight to end human trafficking. We want to be a voice to the voiceless. We live in a nation that is built on the belief that this is the land of the free and the home of the brave, but for many this is the land of the bought and the home of the enslaved. The Rachel Project will not rest until those that are in bondage are free!

The Rachel Project has a 3 pillar approach to everything we do.

The first,
AWARENESS: Speaking throughout the community to businesses, leaders, small groups and individuals to help educate people to the reality of the hideous truths of human trafficking here in our city. Our goal is to raise awareness and to help educate the people on what the signs of human trafficking are and what to do if you suspect human trafficking to be occurring. We partner with the Clearwater Bay Taskfocrce Against Human Trafficking and all of the NGO's that are part of the FREE Network. We are but one of many organizations that partner with the taskforce and when we work together toward a common goal, we bring momentum and change.

We believe that prevention education for our youth and the at risk members of our community is critical and we are working toward these ends. We have become aggressive and outspoken about the need for a successful and comprehensive sex abuse prevention and body safety programming for all school age children. Our goal is 100% saturation.

The second,
ADVOCATE: Work with local lobbying groups and legislative committees to help create tougher legislation for the traffickers and better support and help networks for the victims. In doing this we protect the rights of those that have been trafficked without penalizing them for the acts they commited while doing so. Many times victim are reluctant to identify themselves for fear they may be arrested for what they are being forced to do against their will.

By better protecting the victims we allow them to better help with their cases against the traffickers. With laws that focus more on punishing the trafficker as well as the "johns" we are able to attack the trafficking stream at both ends.

A state mandate that body safety and sex abuse prevention must be taught in the public school along side bullying and teen dating violence. To join the national movement in this direction. This SAFETY issue must be addressed on a national level but we must first act locally. We want to bring successful answers to the table.

The Third,
RESTORATION: The Rachel Project has plans to develop a network of lighthouse, rescue an restore homes throughout the Tampa Bay Area for victims who are identified as at risk or has been rescued from trafficking situations by the local law enforcement and taskforce. Victims of human trafficking require specialized treatment and in some cases long term care to help heal the wounds that have been inflicted both mentally and physically. It is a long term process to bring full restoration to a victim. They need a safe place to live as many times traffickers will come looking for their "merchandise" and if minors are located returning them to negative situations only perpetuates the cycle. Many minors are trafficked by their own family members.

Our lighthouses will be A SAFE place for a runaway, a minor who finds themselves on the street or a young adult on their own without the real life skills needed to be succesful. The can come and get A bed, a meal, an advocate to help. Some kids just need to come and get out of the storm of life for a bit and regroup others need mentors and skill building within the context of freedom to go and the safety of a home at the same time. This is prevention in action!






































4th Annual SHUT IT Event
The Domino Effect,
Black and White Gala
November 18th 6-9pm

Hosted at:
Pepin Hospitality Center
Tampa, FL

Join us for our annual awareness and fundraising event.

This is a powerful night of awareness and education along with inspiring stories of survival and hope.

Learn how one person like a domino can effect great change in the fight against human trafficking and you can get involved and support the Rachel Project.